Thursday, March 24, 2011

random notes

I want a Twitter realllly, reallllly, reallllly bad!!!!

I could watch "the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" more than five times and never get tired of it! it is my all time fave movie.... EVER.

I need a new book series to read. What do y'all recommend??? (please leave comments and tell me. thnx)

I have started an *England Fund*. Today I babysat and got a nice sum of moolah. In the bucket it goes!!!! :)

I can not wait for the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate. I was watching the Today show the other day, like last week, and ohmygoodness ohmygoodness, I am soooo jealous!!! They (the ppl on the Today Show) had this video contest, dont know the details, but this girl, and her sister, and her mother - ALL GET TO GO TO ENGLAND THE WEEK OF THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course they get to attend the Royal Wedding! I was like, "What?!?!??! Why can't something like that happen to me!?!?!?!?" Not that I'm complaining or anything. I'm just reallllly jealous! (if ya cant tell.) Oh, and that girl's trip - ALL EXPENSES PAID.

We have finally sold our vending business we've had for like five or six years. The guy is actually here right now talking to my parents. EEEK, so happyhappy!!! :)

Our Mozilla Firefox thing is messed up, so we have to use Internet Explorer. I.E.: I dont like you. Just thot I'd let ya know!

I'm so pumped for spring! It can't come fast enuff.

Shawn Johnson (2008 Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast) got her wisdom teeth pulled out ... yesterday? I think. I feel for her, cuz I have to get mine pulled in a month or two. I LOATHE surgeries. Like, I shudder at the word. Ugh.

I am really tired, so I won't bore you anymore, and will get ready for bed.
Nightie-night, all!!!



  1. Google chrome is way nicer than Internet Explorer, in my mind! :) And I really like the Left Behind the kids series. Ever heard of those? I like LWW too. =D

  2. I've heard of the Left Behind series. My lil sis actually was reading them awhile back.... don't know if she ever finished them or not. But I actually read the first one, and it was pretty interesting. So, thanks!!! :)


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