Friday, March 18, 2011

Me {part 2} + Confessions!

Hey all!

Just got back from the Doc, and everything is fine. I just have Acid Reflex, from when I was sick on my bday two months ago. I have to take this medicine for two months, and hopefully it will take away the gas and stuff. :D

Now, for the confessions. Yep, I'm hooked on these. They're just SO MUCH FUN! You should try 'em.

-I hate hearing, "Manda, please come do the dishes," but once I get my hands in the water, I have a blast!

-I am addicted to Nutter Butters. Okay, so at camp this past summer, I went with some friends to Wal-Mart on the weekend and bought this package of Nutter Butters. I ate the whole package by myself. Yeps. They were sooooo yummy. :P

-I miss my friends: Mackenna, Bethany, Celeste and Phil!!! I badly want to give each of them hugs!

-Being in limbo land right now with the moving situation is the pits. Ack.

-I am wearing capris and a t-shirt right now becuz its THAT warm out. I love it.

-I love Georgie Laura Henley WAY.TOO.MUCH. <3

- I am not the type of girl who will die if she goes out in public WITHOUT makeup. *gasp* Actually, I spend most of my time WITHOUT makeup. *double gasp*

-I am wearing red nail polish right now, but either need to take it off, or touch it up. Its looking sorta... dull.

-I spend too much time on the computer, and should take a break. Actually, I am going to take a break soon. Well, at least I'm gonna try. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

-I am very ticklish. :D

-Okay, I must go now, becuz here's another confession: I fell asleep earlier today with my dog, Jingles, on the couch, and haven't touched school yet. I know, bad me. OKay, must run!!!!

Manda <3


  1. Glad you're not too sick! =D Georgie is my favorite actress too. I don't really like anybody else. =P

    Don't worry about makeup. I don't even OWN any...*coughs*

  2. LOL, I deff own makeup, but all I ever really like wearing is mascara, cuz I can never put eyeliner on so its nice and delicate, not heavy or thick. Yuk!!!!

  3. yeah, I do own some make-up, but most of the time i find myself never putting it on. anyway, glad you are feeling somewhat better and hope the medicine helps.


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