Friday, March 4, 2011

Prayer Requests

Hey, I just have some prayer requests I thought I'd put up here.

1. My sister, Megan, with her headaches. Praise the Lord, she had none yesterday, but literally three seconds after Mom just got done praising God that Megan hadn't been having any headaches, my sister instantly got one!! So we've pretty much learned not to say the "H" word (headache), becuz alot of times when we have said that word in her hearing range, she seems to instantly get one. And, I know my sister isn't faking it, either that or she's the world's best actress!!!!!! :D

2. My friend Celeste gets her wisdom teeth pulled out today, sometime. Not sure when. I had written her a letter awhile ago, and she wrote me back and told me. :)

3. With our move situation. Its all pretty complicated, and I don't even understand all of it, but we might not be, if that IS the place God wants us to go, be moving to Toledo this April. We might end up getting there mid-late summer! And before this happens, we would be renting a place somwhere close to where Dad works, so he doesn't have to drive an hour to and from work anymore. Ahhhhh!!! The crazyness of life. ;)

4. That I will continue to do my devos and grow closer to God. That I won't put so many worldly, materialistic things before Him.

Would love the prayers!!! Have an awesome possum weekend everybody!!

Love & Hugs,
Manda Liz


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Manda <3