Tuesday, March 15, 2011


the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows", the 1974 version, with that blonde kid from "Seven Alone." It is one of the bestest movies E.V.E.R. The fam has had the movie since I was really little, and when I was younger, I must admit, I thought the boy was cute. ;) But not really anymore, just sayin. LOL
I was really sad, becuz we had gotten rid of the VCR version we had, becuz our VCR player was like eating up the tapes, so we got rid of most of our VCR's.
Well, then on Friday I went to Wal-Mart with Mom, Megan and Andrew, looking for glasses for Megan. (her first pair, and I must say they make her look adorable!!!!)  And as we were going to the Self-Check thing (I love those Self-Checks sooo much!) Andrew spotted "Where the Red Fern Grows" IN.THE.DVD.VERSION!!!! I was like, "Mom - we HAVE to get this movie! C'mon, its only five bucks!" (it really was.) so we got it, and now we're watching it after having roast pork and cheesy pototates for supper. So yep!!! ttul

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