Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book series

Hi all!

Went to the library this morning, wanted to get there before it starts raining this afternoon (i love rainstorms) and found this new series by one of my all time fave authors Judith Pella! The series is called "Daughters of Fortune" and the first book in the series is called "Written on the Wind".
It has MUCH to do with WW2, which I can NEVER get enuff of!!

Oh ya, for all you girlies out there, here're a few series by Judith Pella and Michael Phillips (one of my other fave authors) that you guys might enjoy! I know I did!!!! :)

-The Russians

-Secret of the Rose

-The Stonewycke Trilogy

THEY.ARE.AMAZING. I finished them in less than a month, I think, last year. It was AWESOME!!!


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  1. I started the First book in the Russians it is good so far


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