Friday, April 8, 2011

Today, something amazingly awesomely exciting happened....

the "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader" came out on DVD in stores - TODAY!

But ohhhh goodness, you don't wanna know how [gutted] I am about not being able to get it today!!!!! I almost started crying....

But, I shall post a few pix from the movie, to make myself feel better. Prepare yourself for a "Dawn Treader" overload.

They are soo adorable together!!!!! :)

haha skan's face! lol

Skan "punching" GG

one of my all time fave pix!

And just becuz I LOVE this picture, I'm adding it. :)

'nuff said

Hehe, and this one!! <3 You have to click on it, becuz its a gif. :)

With love and Narnia,


  1. it's a great'll enjoy watching it:)

  2. LOL I Loved It just watched it with the fam and have to say i like Caspian a lot better now and everyone else :D

  3. I LOVE Ed. He's so much like Peter, its awesome. And Phil, I have seen the movie in theatres, just not in DVD yet.... of course. LOL :)

  4. Love the pics, specially since I haven't seen them before! :)


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