Friday, April 22, 2011

in honor of someone's birthday.... *cheesy grin*

           HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY, WILL!!!!!
                                                                        *confetti rains down from the heavens, and those li'l toot-whistle-blow-horn things blare loudly*

Golly, I CAN NOT BELIEVE WILL'S TURNING 24. (April 27th).  Holy macaroni, it feels like yesterday he was only, what? 18!!!!!!!! Man oh man, how time flies. Well, Will, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


p.s. but i still love skandar wayyyy more.


  1. Happy Birthday, Will! I can't believe he's so old! They've all grown up a lot. =P

  2. Wow, he's ten years older than me! xD That doesn't matter, since I still like Peter better. =P I wish I had a big brother. Not an annoying one though. Just a cool one. =D

  3. I agree with Kendra he still is the best And I bet they cost a lot Manda darn i need one tooooooooooo :D :P


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