Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Day Today

Hey all!

Right now I'm sitting in the parking lot of Panera, blogging about my lovely saturday so far. We just dropped Dad off for another meeting, and now I'm checking email, and the blogs I follow. Last night was lotsa fun! Me and my siblings hung out at the house with the pastor's daughter, and we played Wii, and watched, finally, TANGLED!!!!!!
It was a pretty good movie. Abby said its her favorite movie, and it was good, but "the Wardrobe" is still, and always will be, my favorite movie!!
I am dying to find out the singing voices for Rapunzel and Flinn, becuz those voices are like, AH-mazing!!! So ya.

Anyhoo, I think the plans for the day are just looking around Toledo, maybe (HOPEFULLY) going shopping, ;), and searching for houses for sale..... just in case we do move here! :D

So yeps. Y'all have a wonderful Saturday, and, well, see ya later!!!!



  1. that's good that you're having a good weekend:) ugh, i still need to see Tangled!


  2. you make me laugh and hope you are still having fun fun fun :D I also still need to see Tangled hear it is cute though. talk to u later.


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