Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Character Questions?!??!?!

Hi all!

I would ab-so-lut-ley LOVE it if you would leave comments with a question or two about what you'd like to know about my character, Mackenzie. And also, Anna, Chandler and Matt, as well. :) From my book, "A New Song". I got the title from Psalms 40:3. Go look it up - NOW.

So yes, these questions WOULD.BE.MOST.APPRECIATED. And these questions can be totally random, too! But they have to be about what you want to know about my character(s). Thanks!!!!
Looking forward to answering these questions. *winks*

Love and Narnia,
Manda Liz

I know what you guys are thinking: 'She WOULD use Narnia people as her characters!'
Yup, you're totally right! I would. :)


  1. Hmmm...let's see. What is Mackenzie's favorite food? Her favorite color?

    Ugh, my brother is kicking me. I have to get off. =P

  2. Mac's favorite food is anything Italian. And her fave color is yellow (specifically sunshine yellow). :D
    Thanks soo much!

  3. what is Mackenzie's favorite cereal? what does Anna draw for fun? does Matt have a girl friend? and how long has Chandler been saved?

  4. Ooh Phil, you make me laugh!!! :)

    Okay here goes:

    Mac's favorite cereal is Cap'n Crunch.

    Anna draws flowers and animals for fun.

    Matt doesn't have a girlfriend (sorry! LOL).

    And Chandler has been saved for two years before they enter into the State Fair.... but Chandler has been Matt's best friend their whole lives.

    Anna's personality... oh how I LOVE Anna! I think she's my favorite character... hehe.
    Anna is BUBBLY and vivacious. She's always full of life and charming. She's a sort of 'in-your-face' type of girl... she wants to know everything about everyone. She always has an encouraging word to say. Very positive mindset. An absolute chatterbox. Hardly ever shuts-up! :) And very, very spontaneous.

    You guys rock!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your questions!!! :)

    ta ta | mandaliz

  5. what's mackenzie's favorite thing to do?
    do they all know each other? are they good friends?


  6. Mackenzie's favorite thing to do, besides singing of course :), is to hang out with her BFF Gabby, and attend youth group events.

    Yup, they all know each other, becuz Mackenzie, Matt and Anna are siblings, and Chandler is Matt's best friend. :)

    Thanks for the comments!!!! :)
    Manda <3

  7. p.s. And yups, they are all very very good friends, 'cept for Mac and Chandler. They don't get along too well most of the time. ;D

  8. well will they get along and what are the rest of there favorite colors and foods then what is there favorite books and authors and movies and what do they do in there free time?

  9. Okie dokie... another round of WONDERFUL questions - thanks Mac!!! :D

    Okay, here goes.

    You'll have to wait and see and read the book once its finished to find out if they ever become 'friends' or not. *winks*

    {MATT} fave movie: "The Eagle Has Landed"
    fave food: fast food (we're talking like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, etc.)
    fave color: orange
    fave author: Michael Phillips
    fave book: doesn't have one?? (sorry, i had a TERRIBLE time trying to think of a good 'guy' book! Phil, what do you like to read?!? thnx)
    Free time: playing sports (mainly baseball and football), hanging with Chandler, his family, creating songs on his guitar.

    fave movie: "The Great Escape"
    fave food: anything spicy!
    fave color: brown
    fave author: T. Davis Bunn
    fave book: anything about WW2!!!
    Free time: playing video games, doing stuff outside, going on wilderness trips with the youth group, hanging with Matt.

    fave movie: "The Secret Garden"
    fave food: pizza
    fave color: gray w/ bright colors
    fave author: Janette Oke, and Judith Pella
    fave book: Mandie and the Secret Tunnel
    Free time: working in the flower garden at home, spending time with family and friends, shopping, experimenting with photography.

    And that's all! Thank you Mac! I wuv you bunches! <3


  10. very nice :D cant wait to read it :D


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