Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion Trend: shorts w/ tights

Personally, I LOVE this style! I found out about it from my favorite actress, Georgie Henley, when I saw some pictures of her and Will Poulter on this British show called 'Blue Peter'. And also, Olivia, from over at 'Horsefeathers' did a post about one of her outfits, and it was shorts w/ tights, a t-shirt, and floral wedges. Sooo cute!!! :)

What do you think of the style? Would you wear it???

I actually have not tried wearing shorts with tights, but I'm eager to. 'Cept I'll have to wait till this next fall, or maybe I could try it on a rainy spring/summer day!?!?! :) Do you think so????

Anyhoo, to end this post, here's a recent fave picture:

or two *winks*



  1. I think the style is cute but I have not tryed it. It would look adorable on you though :D and you could do it on a cool spring day or a rainy summer day or in the fall so almost all year long :D

  2. well, coming from a guy's point of view, I think it would look great on most people:)

  3. Mac,
    thank you! I think the style would look AH-mazing on you! You should try it....

    i agree! hehe


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