Friday, September 21, 2012

As the Rain Pours Down

Tonight I went to my high school's varsity soccer game. It was freezing and rainy and there was a sea of umbrellas in the bleachers. lol I was totally not dressed properly, at least not on top! I wore this lightweight sweater with a scarf, jeans and my riding boots. I wish I woulda just worn a sweatshirt, but whatevs. I survived, and I still had a BLAST!! :) Here are a few pictures of tonight.

                                                 //me and hans snuggling. it was soo cold!!//

//me and allie with her cute polka-dot umbrella!//

//a bunch of us. l-r: me, allie, adam, hans, alexa, allyson & mary!//
How did you spend your Friday evening?



  1. Looks like fun! Even if you got rained on. :-)

  2. Aw, it was a lot of fun!! It was the bomb. lol Even though it did rain. :/ I had fun you Manda! <3


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