Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Moment of Fame


Yesterday the fam visited the opening of a basement that had held slaves back in the days of Abe Lincoln. It was finally finished and ready for the public. It was really interesting, but cold, inside the basement. The media were there - newspaper and TV, and the newspaper photographer snapped a picture of us and then asked our names and ages. It was quite interesting. haha

Lovely, yes?

So, that was my moment of fame. Also we got to be on the TV 10:00 news last night, but it was all very quick and not that great. :)

Have you ever had any starring moments?


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  1. haha congrats on your moment of fame! I played piano for Norman Wisdom once (If you don't know him...then it's not a travesty as he's very much for the older generation..) That was my only moment of fame hah xx


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