Saturday, September 29, 2012

OOTD + Confession

So, I decided to post IMO, my cute outfit I threw on to a jaunt to the library with Mom, Meg, and Andrew. The weather has been flippin GORGEOUS and today was like in the high 60s - low 70's. Perfect weather. I didn't really do anything with my hair after I showered except to brush it, so that's why I threw my beanie on. lol

Now. Confession time.

Are you ready?


i. like. love. one.direction.

Yeah I know in my last Confessions post I said this whole deal about how I can't stand One Direction.

Well that kinda changed like this week. My sister Lis is in love with 1D, and so she and Meg kinda got me hooked on them. haha So yeah. I've had 'Gotta Be You' on repeat this whole day. No joke.

Are there any other Directioners out there?

Oh yeah. I love Liam Payne. :)

What did you on your Saturday?



  1. Cute outfit! Love the hat and boots. You look all set for Fall! :-)

  2. You are sooo Adorable Miss Manda I love the outfit and the band is not bad either ;D love ya ~Mack~

  3. That outfit is so cute! I also LOVE your boots! You should put up posts like these more often! xxx


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