Friday, September 7, 2012

Confession Time!

So, since I haven't done a confessions post in who-knows-how-long, I have decided to finally do another one. Here we go!

1. I've had 'Safe and Sound' by TSwift on repeat for the last week or two. I just love it. Its soo pretty. And no, just because its on the Hunger Games soundtrack is not the reason I love it... ;)   #liar

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2. I'm really hating Algebra 1 and really loving Spanish 1 - so far. I had my first Spanish vocab quiz today. I think I did okay. :)

3. I am soooooo excited to see my amazing cousin Alaina at Christmas time!! I'm excited to hear all about her first year college experiences and to take lots of pictures together, and just hang out! Its been forever since I've seen her. :)

4. I kinda wanna watch 'A Wrinkle in Time' again. I saw it back in 6th grade and I'm pretty sure I liked it.

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5. I've been wearing my hair in a messy ponytail all week. Shame on me, right? But right now, until my hair gets longer, I'm stuck in a bad-hair-rut. So anyways, slipping a headband in, teasing my hair some, and then pulling it back is my most fave way to wear my hair right now! How do you like wearing your hair?

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6. I've already started planning my 19th bday party! hahaha Its like 4 months away...

7. I'm dying to watch the 2nd part of 'Gone With the Wind'. The first disk that the fam has works just fine, but somehow, somehow I don't know how the 2nd disk got slightly cracked, so it won't work in the DVD player. Frustrating. Quite. Anyone seen the movie? Did you like it?!

8. I'm so old fashioned. I could care less about having a cell phone and FB and Twitter and stuff. Ok, I kinda take back the whole FB thing. I'm on Dad's too much to really not care about it. hehe Hans and Allie and Mack can testify to that, right girls?! lol

9. ohmygoodness I am so excited for the Baxter Family books by K.K. to be turned into a TV series. For those of you who didn't know this, well, NOW YOU KNOW!!! :) Go check it out on Karen's FB. :) They're just in the early stages right now.

10. I think my junior year of high school is gonna be my hardest yet. Yeeps!

11. Am I crazy if I don't really wanna go to the junior-senior banquet this coming May? Its like my Christian school's version of Prom, without the dancing. Baptists can't dance!! ROFL But seriously, am I crazy? I just honestly don't excited about getting all dolled up and having to spend $35+  for a ticket when I might not have that much fun. IDK... I'm a simple person.

12. Ohmystars I can't wait to hear about Georgie's new acting project, hopefully to be announced soon!!! And I'm stoked to see 'Run: the Movie''s trailer, with Will Moseley!! And Anna in 'Passengers'. And Skandar... well I think he's fallen off the face of the Earth. No news for like seriously, people, TWO YEARS. Insane. :/

13. I'm the only kid in my family not doin a sport. Meg and Lis are in vball and will be doin bball in the winter. Andrew's in the middle of golf right now, and Jared will be playing baseball in the spring. I think badminton would be a fun sport to take up. But is it popular in the States? If not, guess I better fly to England for some lessons...

14. I am going to be 19 in four months, and I have not started driving yet. I am such a horrible child. Despicable me.

15. I have to admit this - I hate the song 'Call Me Maybe' and I can't stand One Direction. please don't kill me! But they are just so popular its ridiculous, and I've heard 'C.M.M.' and 'What Makes You Beautiful' enough times to last me the rest of my life!!

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16. I'm getting very upset with Summer. It just refuses to go hide in the wings so that autumn can have its starring moment on stage. Please summer, hear me now, go find a hole to fall into. Pretty please with cherries and mountains of whipped cream on top.

17. I have a serious case of wanderlust right now.

18. I'm sure y'all are bored by now. So sorry. :/

19. I'll end this by saying:

20. I love you! :)

The End.


  1. Great post, I really liked it :D I agree Safe & SOund is sooo great :) And I was excited and laughing on number 12. So sorry that you don't like 1D...they're my boys... But yeah after a while I got tired of WMYB for a little bit too. Sometimes the radio tends to overplay stuff :/ Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  2. Its okay. I'm 21 and only have my permit still. :D

    1. hahaaha yeah now i definitley feel better, marie!! lol and now i know how old you are too. :)


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