Friday, September 21, 2012

My Favorite Things... Or Shall We Say Movie?

Sooo, I'm having some fangirl moments over Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. And the movie. If you have never seen the 'Sound of Music'  *cough HANNAH cough* (where have you been for the last 50 years?!?) - then get your rear over to the nearest video store and rent it. Because its the best musical out there. The best I'm tellin you!!

//i kinda like this picture a lot//

*all pictures via tumblr,, & google images*

So yep. That's what I'm lovin right now. 

Will soon be heading off to a soccer game at 7 with Hans and Allie!! I will try and take pictures. lol

Have an awesome weekend friends!



  1. Oh awesome! finally, another person who likes "real" movies!
    i love. ultra love. Sound of Music.
    I wish they would have come out with a part 2.
    I want to know what happens!!!

  2. We just watched this movie a few days ago! It's probably one of my favorite musicals :-)


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