Thursday, September 27, 2012

I See the Light {Jacob and Jackie Evancho}

This is amazing you guys!!! Jackie Evancho and her older brother Jacob sing 'I See the Light' in a PBS TV performance. I'd never heard Jacob sing before but holy cow he's awesome!!! For being only 13 or 14. I'm soo excited for Jackie's newest CD 'Songs from the Silver Screen' to come out in only a few days!! I can't wait.
Also, Jackie seems to have gotten taller and older looking. She's stepping away from the little girl appearance more I think.


Here's just one more video of Jackie a few days ago, singing some songs on QVC off her newest album. 

Are you a fan of opera/classical music?



  1. Wow didnt knew abt these duo before..but they are amazing...thanx For sharing

    Btw do check out my new post
    Stay I. Touch

  2. Jackie Evancho has like the most divine voice ever!!!

  3. Of course I'm a fan of classical music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And opera. And music in general. And the piano :) - Jess


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