Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend {Sunday}

First of all, I wanna thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with two of the most amazing friends in the world: two of my best friends Hannah and Allison. Hans & Allie are two huge blessings in my life. God gave them to me when I had hardly any friends here in Ohio. They are the sweetest things, and if you haven't, GO CHECK OUT THEIR BLOGS!!

Hannah's Blog

Allison's Blog

So, while the gals were here, we took some pictures on my Netbook, and then also on the ride home, on my camera. We had so much fun today! We went to the Gardens, made friendship bracelets, swapped amazing Renew stories, and laughed our heads off!! :) And also, their younger sister Meghan came and hung out with me and my sistas, Meg and Lis, too, so we had a fun time with her, too!! :D

Okay, here's some pics.

we love our sistas in Christ!!! xoxoxo

//at the Gardens. a nice russian lady took the pic!//

//hans and me!//

//allie and me!//

//attractive yes??//

Thank you hans and allie for an amazing afternoon!! Love you both so much!!!



  1. Aw, Manda, we love you too! :D I had such a great time! Thanks for having us over. Hahaha, and our stories about renew ;) good times.



  2. Cute pics :D ~Mack~

  3. Friends are a blessing for sure! :-)


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