Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am happy

Becuz I look like a freak here.

Becuz she is my gorgeous girl.

Becuz these babies exist.

Becuz my messy bun actually turned out somewhat cute!

Becuz I hugged an ice-cream-cone-shaped garbage can that talked when you opened it!

 Becuz Micah looks like he's about to punch something. lol

Becuz this dress practically has my name on it!!!!!!

What makes you happy?


  1. :D That dress is cute. And so is Georgie. HAHA, i wish I could hug a talking ice cream cone trash can!!

    You'd be so proud of me and my fam. We've watched Prince Caspian *at least* once a day all this week. :D Narnia is so awesome.

  2. lol Looks like you found your camera charger and that is amazing where can I get one of those cupcakes and the trash can ?? and if you made the hat white or black and put little beaded flowers on it it would match the dress :D mack :D

  3. no, i havent found my camera charger! all those pix were taken a long time ago!!!


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