Sunday, August 28, 2011

since i cant think of a title, this will have to do!

watching 'Legacy Five: Live in Music City' with the fam.

preparing for my 1st day of classes tomorrow. *bites nails*

waiting expectantly to hear the official news on whether Georgie has a new role in a film or not.

thinking i should be making my lunch for tomorrow, but instead i'm blogging to you awesome people! <3

wishing i was a much better blogger. seriously, i'm horrible.:/

going to end this now. ttul

Manda || xoxo


  1. I am worse than you :D you are amaZing ~mack~

  2. best friends are paid to say those sorts of things!!!! lol love you too! <3

  3. Oh, I'd love to know if Georgie Henley has anymore roles coming up!


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