Monday, August 8, 2011

What I've been up to lately

Getting ready for school. Yesterday me and Mom went shopping at Savers, this consignment store close to our house, and we got all the clothes I need for school. Since the school I'm going to is a private Christian school, we have a dress code, so like I bought a lot polo shirts (and some were even name-brand, like Hollister!), and two pairs of pants and two skirts.

Um, and then today, me and my siblings went to the school library to take AR tests and check out books. I got to meet two kids who go to Emmanuel. The girl who was checking out the books will actually be in my class, and she seems really nice, so hopefully we can become friends. :) And then I met a guy who's gonna be a junior, and he was nice, too. He was telling me about one teacher who seems pretty lenient. ;)

Uhm, what else? Oh ya! Yesterday, before me and Mom went shopping, I went over to our neighbors and played volleyball with the two girls and my two sisters, even tho it was CRAZY HOT OUTSIDE!!! Gross. Also, I have been busy planning me and my twin bro's 18th coming up in January. I know, its so far away, but HEY, its our 18th! We'll be adults. (Very scary thought, I know!!!!!) Anddd... I think that's about it. Oh, I got a prayer request!
I have seemingly lost my camera's battery charger, and that is bad news cuz my camera is dead, and so I haven't been able to take any pictures for quite some time, and that's pretty frustrating. So, if y'all could please pray that I would find my charger soon, it'd be much appreciated!!!!! Thanks.



  1. So do any of these people have names ??? and am I invited and that is CRAZY your going to be 18 and I just turned 15 :) its OK thought cause you are amazing and still Love me even though I am such a little kid :P

  2. Okay, yes. Our two neighbor girls are Sammy and Emily, and the two people I met at the library today are Felicia and Derek. :)

    And, actually, sometimes I think of you being the older one.... strange, huh? Oh, and YES, you are totally invited! We are still making plans and stuff, at least I am, but I do know I want everyone to dress fancy. Like, I'm gonna buy a dress, and Andy's wearing a dress shirt, with his dress pants and his vest. :) hehhe

  3. lol and I can wear the dress that me and Gma are making. and how do I act older ?? hey I am going to try and call you 2night some time :D

  4. oooo and are you forcing Andy to or is he doing it willingly ??

  5. andy's doing it quite willingly. i told him what i wanted, and he's like, 'okay'. so ya. :)

  6. ok just making sure that you where not being a mean big sis ;P tell Andy and every one else I say Hi and how are Megs headaches ?

  7. okay i will tell them. thanks. :) meg's headaches are doing great... she hasn't had one in like forever! since the tebbenkamps house, i think. :)

  8. ooo, i'm coming too:) i hope you're doing well in ohio. it's soo crazy that school's gonna start soon and that i'm in college!!
    anyway, love ya:)


  9. Of course Bethany, you HAVE to come!! :) And love you more! <3


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