Wednesday, August 10, 2011

just for fun {questions for a blog party}

1. Do you believe that Christ is the one & only way to Heaven?


2. Do you have any specific requirements in your future husband?

Ooh, that's a tuffy! Ummm, well, of course, he's got to love the Lord, and love Him more than me. He's got to be faithful, and charismatic. He has to be gregarious (which means, sociable). He has to be funny, and very handsome.... let's see what else? Well, I think that's it for now... no WAIT! He HAS HAS HAS to love all things British, and be able to talk in a British accent, even if he's not British. :)

3. What is your favorite Bible verse?

I love Numbers 6:24-26, and also Philippians 4:13

 4. Who inspires you?

Lots of people! I get inspired by things, more so, though. :)

5. Shoes or no shoes?

SHOES! I'm deff not a go-run-outside-in-your-bare-tosies sort of person. But I will go barefoot inside the house, even in winter.....

6. Lemonade or iced tea?

Lemonade. The only kind of 'tea' I like is the Lipton Green tea stuff. I really wanna try peach right now.

7. ipod or computer?

Um -  COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you crazy!?!?!?!!? I would die without my computer!!!! Oh my goodness..... *takes a very.deep.breath.*

8. Flats or heels?

BOTH! I like flats cuz you can just slip them on, and heels becuz they instantly dress up an outfit. I'm TRYING to persuade my mom to let me get a pair of 4-inchers for my 18th. Hey, then I'll at least be as tall as Megan!! Or maybe I won't. She's like 5'4'' now, I think.

9. Writing or reading?

Oh man that's a hard one! I get so much inspiration from reading, but then if I couldn't write stories after I got my inspiration.... well, I think I would just plumb keel over.

10. Rain or sun?

Okay, have any of you pulled on muck boots and gone dashing out into the rain to splash in puddles like a little kid and dare to be struck by lightning?!?! Well, its quite an amazing experience.  I'm talking from experiance here, people. It.Is.Amazing. You should go do that as soon as it rains. Yes yes yes!

11. Shorts or skirts in the summer?

Both, again. I really love shorts, but I really love just-above-the-knee skirts/dresses too. :) Once I re-create my wardrobe, I might try wearing skirts/dresses more during the week, not just on Sundays.

Well, there you have it!!! Come on and join the fun!!! :)




  1. Fun!! :D You do drink SWEET iced tea, right? Or maybe you live up North. *gasp* That would be so sad. A life without sweet tea. :-/

    I don't understand how you can play in the rain with lightening, though. It scares me. Hehe. But puddles sounds fun!!

  2. lol yepp that is my best friend people and she is one of the most amazing people ever LOVE YA Manda and playing in the rain is fun fun fun but sun is better sorry :D

  3. Great answers! I enjoyed reading them!


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