Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hike, the Garden, & New Clothes

Okay, so... two nights ago, me and the fam, plus my grandparents, went to Lake Erie and after watching these two puppies play around in the water, we (as in, us kids) decided to climb this gigantic hill.
(Sorry, Megs didn't take any pictures of it.... or maybe I just forgot to download them on Pixie. My bad.)

Anyways, so, we set off on our journey to the hill. We're walking along, walking along, walking along.... you know, its seeming to take a long time. Shouldn't we have gotten to the hill by now?

Well, it seems we took the wrong trail, and so we... wait just a sec! I forgot. We actually ended up at the hill, but by then, (we had been on the hike for like ten minutes) the adults spotted us in the car and told us we couldn't climb the hill, cuz it was getting late. We were bummed, but there's always next time, right? Right.

Moving on....

Then last night, while Dad was at a meeting at church, the kids, Mom, and G'ma & G'pa went to 'THE GARDEN'. No, not of Eden. xD

Me and Mom walking towards this circle of posts.

Don't ask me how he got up there!! ;)

THE GARDEN. Beautiful, huh?

Its so very English looking, isn't it?

This reminds me of 'Anne of Green Gables'!

The girls gathered on the gazebo.

Andrew and Grandma

Jared and Grandma walking on the path

Jared and Grandma on the bridge, right before heading home.

One more stop before heading home! xD

Nighty-night all!!!!

Okay, and then today, Mom and us girls went school-clothes shopping at Savers, a big consignment store close to our house.

I adore this new shirt I bought. A) becuz its crazy comfy! B) becuz its ADORABLE! C) becuz its OVERSIZED & HUGE, 2 things I look for sometimes in shirts. :D

My awesome long heart-on-a-chain necklace, also a new purchase. (sorry for the bad quality)

My adorable new b&w polka dot shirt. Its got the right amount of perfect fit, but also bagginess. ADORE! Now all I need to go with it are bright red heels, fingernails, and a bright red heart necklace. Or maybe I'd wear my new silver heart necklace.....

Listening to 'Mean' by Taylor Swift.



  1. Cool! Looks like y'all had fun! ;)

    I love the first shirt! So cute! :)

  2. Looks like heaps of fun!
    I love the outfits, and the necklace is really pretty. Does it open?
    Oh, and by the way I am a total Georgie freak and a die hard Narnia fan.

  3. Hannah: that's the place we could have our 'photo shoot',, if you ever come to Ohio. :)

    Beth: So cool! We totally need to get together. xD
    Oh, and sadly, no, the necklace does not open.:(

  4. Whoa. Those posts look like something out of a book!! And those trees all lined up looks like the entry to Mr. Darcy's home from "Pride & Prejudice". Cool post! :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. That garden is heavenly! I want that statue. Something about statues that fascinate me. Oh well, that's what I get for being an avid Doctor Who watcher.

  5. Hey!
    I wanted to apologize for any of the Romola Garai photos that you didn't like. I deleted a couple of them :)
    Thanks for reading TMF!
    ~Miss Raquel

  6. Its alright. But I just went back on there, and I still saw the same pics!

  7. Lol wow your bros are soo tall hehe any way that is soo cool the garden and I love the Cloths I think I have a shirt Like the blue one but more form fitting :D and as to how Andrew Got up there he is tall to start with and he is a guy. guys can do strange stuff and get to really high places. ~mack~


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