Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i wish...

it would rain, so i can dance and jump in the puddles!

i wish i were rich, so i could buy a ton of clothes!! xD

i wish mom and i could find a place to get our hair done, so i can get bangs!

i wish i could just be content.


  1. I wish it would rain, too. It's so sunny here!! I don't like it. I know, you're thinking, "you don't like sunny?" whoa. Well, I like sunny, but this is just too much :P
    -Jocee <3

  2. I wish I had someone to have a photo shoot with. I wish I had a better teachers for school. I wish I was good at school. I wish I didn't have a blister on my finger. I wish I could just be free for one day. Not that I don't like school. :D

  3. ooh hannah, come to Ohio, and then we'll have a sweet photo shoot together! I know the perfect place... its all like English garden-ish, and its just right down the road from my house. we could walk there! :)

    and joc, i like sunny, too, somewhat, but really, i LOVE rain and LOVE thunderstorms, so i understand what you're sayin. :D


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