Monday, August 29, 2011


Georgie Henley is going to be playing 'Beth' in "the Class Project", a true story based from the book, about two girls who drown their alcoholic mother in a bathtub.

I'm so scared for Georgie right now! I can't stand Abigail Breslin, and I don't think she'll be a very good influence on GG. You can just tell the kind of girl she (Abigail) is from the picture!!!!!! :(

So, people, if you are fans of Georgie, PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!!!! Pray she won't have to swear, or dress immodestly, or do anything immoral.

p.s. am in love with GG's dress, aren't you?!?!!? :D


  1. awwwe :(

    Do you even know if she's a Christian? Not that you can know, but yeah.

  2. you mean GG? Well, she has said her 'faith is very ambigious' which means wishy-washy, not really based on anything, soo... IDK! :/

  3. The movie does sound a bit lame, and I know she really wants people to not just think of her as Lucy from Narnia, but still - she could've done it in a better way. I hope she doesn't do anything bad in the movie! It sort of sounds like a silly movie to me, drowning your mom in the bathtub? Umm.

    Anyway, why do you say Abigail Breslin is bad? I've never heard of her, but how can you tell from the picture she's bad or anything? She looks like a pretty cute girl, I just looked her up on google images...nothing immodest or anything. (

    I'm glad Georgie is acting in something, though I'd rather it not be like this! At least we'll have more pictures and interviews though. =) I'll be prayin' still.

  4. Well at least she is in a movie.

  5. okay, i guess i've been sorta harsh. abbie is cute, so maybe i've just jumped the gun, ya know? i have a bad habit of making accusations before i know the whole story.... and i hate myself for that!!! :( so ya.


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